5 Level Measurement Articles & Resources for Your ‘Need-to-Know’ File

Industrial level measurement links for some quick continuing education.

Industrial Holding Tank – Level Measurement
Industrial Holding Tank – Level Measurement

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While FlowControlNetwork.com is always a helpful source for industial level measurement in general, there are also a lot of other great resources available on supplier and engineering sites around the Web. Whether you're struggling with an industrial level measurement application or  just looking for some quick continuing education, the following list of articles and resources from Flow Control and beyond may be just what you need. 

1. Level Technology Video Deomonstrations & e-Handbook

With so many technologies, products and parameters to consider, selecting the best technology for level measurement can be challenging. Emerson Process Management's Rosemount division offers a digital handbook on industrial level measurement along with a series of technology and application videos.

To view Emerson's digital handbook, click here.

To view Rosemount's technology and application videos, click here.

2. Practical Overviews of Level Measurement Technologies

There are any number of technologies available to solve your level measurement challenges. To help ensure you are selecting the appropriate level measurement technology for your application, there are some really good practical technology overviews you can find on the Web. The folks at Drexelbrook Engineering (now AMETEK Drexelbrook) put together a nice article on this topic, titled "A Practical Overview of Level Measurement Technologies," which you can download in PDF format here. Meanwhile, the folks at ICEweb have also developed a helpful resource for level measurent, titled "A Practical Overview of Level Continuous Measurement Technologies," which can be found here.

3. FCC Revises Rules Regulating Frequency Bands for Radar Level Measurement Devices

The Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA) recently worked with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to provide information to the agency's technical office, which crafted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in 2012 that pertained, in part, to radar level measurement technology. As a result of the MCAA's effort in this regard, the FCC has adopted rules geared specifically to level probing radars (LPRs) that allow these devices to operate anywhere in the U.S. without a license. Flow Control covered this story on its FlowStream Blog. You can find this post here


4. Flow & Level Measurement Handbook

OMEGA's Transactions in Measurement & Control series is designed to provide "at-your-fingertips" access to the technical information you need to help meet your measurement and control requirements, including extensive coverage of level measurement. There is no  advertising or promotional material in the Transactions series, which is available for instant access on OMEGA's website. You can find the Transactions in Flow & Level Measurement here


5. 4 Critical Tips for Stopping Electrical Noise In Your Measurement Instruments

Electrical noise, also known as electromagnetic interference, can destroy a clean signal from your measurement instrumentation (such as level sensors and pressure transducers). Protecting your sensors from electrical noise is a top priority. Luckily, this is a fairly simple task (in most cases). This topic was covered by the folks at Automation Products Group in a blog post that appeard on our FlowStream Blog in May 2013. You can find this post here.

If you have suggestions for additional resources to add to this list, we encourage you to email them to us at FlowControl@GrandViewMedia.com.