Quiz Corner: Measuring mass flow

Which of the following flowmeters can measure 0 to 100 kg/min of liquid flow?

Marina Demkina/iStock
Marina Demkina/iStock

Which of the following flowmeters can measure 0 to 100 kg/min of liquid flow?

A. Coriolis mass     

B. Differential pressure     

C. Magnetic         

D. Positive displacement    

E. Turbine              

F. Ultrasonic                   

G. Vortex shedder

Answer A is the straightforward answer to the literal question because kg/min is a mass flow, and Coriolis mass is the only flowmeter technology in the list that measures mass flow.

A less literal interpretation of the question would focus answers on what the flowmeter displays — not on what the flowmeter measures. In this interpretation, all of the flowmeters listed can display the flow in kg/min. However, with the exception of Coriolis mass, displaying the flow will typically be the result of a calculation based on a fixed density of the liquid. 

Additional complicating factors

The measurement of some fluids may be traditionally displayed in certain units. For example, reactor feed flows are often expressed in kg/min or lb/min — independent of what the actual flowmeter measures. This can be confusing, so we displayed mass units in our plant when the flowmeter actually measured mass flow, except where a strong precedent applied, such as steam flow.

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