Quiz Corner: Flow calibration techniques

Which of the following can be used as a flow calibration technique?


Which of the following can be used as a flow calibration technique?

A. Compare a flowmeter with a flow laboratory standard.

B. Compare a flowmeter with a master meter.

C. Compare a flowmeter with a meter under test (MUT).

D. Verify electronic adjustments (zero/span).

E. Verify flowmeter dimensions.


Comparing a flowmeter with an MUT (Answer C) is incorrect because the flowmeter would be compared with itself.

Comparing the flowmeter with a flow laboratory standard (Answer A) and comparing the flowmeter with a master meter (Answer B) are wet calibration techniques in which the fluid actually flows through the flowmeter.

Verifying electronic adjustments (Answer D) and verifying the flowmeter dimensions (Answer E) are dry calibration techniques that are performed without flowing the fluid through the flowmeter.

Additional complicating factors

Wet calibrations are usually more difficult to perform, but they are generally more effective than dry calibrations. However, dry calibrations are used extensively on some flowmeter technologies, including the calibration of orifice plate flowmeters for the custody transfer of natural gas.


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