Quiz Corner: Flowmeter accuracy statements

What is the accuracy statement associated with this flowmeter?


A flowmeter is calibrated to its full scale of 200 flow units but is capable of up to 400 flow units. The flowmeter can measure a flow of 100 flow units within ±1 unit and can measure 200 flow units within ±2 units. What is the accuracy statement associated with this flowmeter?

A. ±1 percent of rate
B. ±1 percent of full scale
C. ±1 percent of calibrated span
D. ±1 percent of meter capacity

The full scale and calibrated span are both 200 flow units. The accuracy at 100 flow units expressed as a percentage of these parameters would be ±1/200 or 0.5 percent of full scale or calibrated span. Answers B and C are not correct.

At 100 flow units, the accuracy expressed as a percentage of meter capacity (400 flow units) would be ±1/400 or 0.25 percent of meter capacity. Answer D is not correct.

Similarly, the accuracy expressed as a percentage of the flow rates (100 and 200 flow units) is ±1/100 (and ±2/200) or 1 percent of rate, which confirms that Answer A is correct.

Additional complicating factors

Note that "±1 percent" is not a complete specification. Be sure to ask, "Percentage of what?"

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