2015 Flow Control Buyer’s Resource

The April edition of Flow Control magazine is our annual Buyer’s Resource issue, a guide to more than 1,400 companies listed in more than 240 technology categories. Use this special issue as a reference tool throughout the year to easily find suppliers of products and services to meet your application needs for fluid movement, measurement and containment.

April 2015 Cover of Flow Control Magazine
April 2015 Cover of Flow Control Magazine

Fc 0415 CoverWelcome to the 2015 Flow Control Buyer’s Resource issue, featuring more than 1,400 suppliers listed in more than 240 technology categories. This is your annual guidebook to fluid handling equipment, components and services. We hope you find the Buyer’s Resource to be a helpful tool and your trusted source for finding the fluid handing solutions you need.

Use the links below to navigate through this year's Buyer's Resource edition.

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Buyer’s Resource Highlights:

CATEGORY INDEX: Visit the Category Index to quickly locate the technologies you are interested in. Here you will find the page numbers for specific subcategories within major technology types, such as flowmeters, pumps, valves, etc.

CATEGORY LISTINGS: Once you find the specific technologies that interest you in the Category Index, visit the Category Listings to find a listing of manufacturers and suppliers. The categories are Measurement, Control, Containment, and Services.

  • MEASUREMENT: Suppliers of flowmeters, gauges, level, pressure, temperature, etc.
  • CONTROL: Suppliers of actuators & positioners, controls & regulators, filters, pumps, valves, etc.
  • CONTAINMENT: Suppliers of couplings & fittings, piping & tubing, seals, tanks, etc.
  • SERVICES :  Suppliers of calibration & testing, consulting, custom design/build, etc.

Reference the Directory of Suppliers to get full contact information on specific manufactures and suppliers. The Directory provides an alphabetical listing of all suppliers noted in the Category Listings, including mailing address, phone, email, and websites (as provided).

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