Pump Industry Professionals Honored on Pump Appreciation Day

Pump industry professionals observed the fourth-annual Pump Appreciation Day, April 14.


Fc 0215 Itt GouldsPump industry professionals observed the fourth-annual Pump Appreciation Day, April 14. Founded by ITT Corporation’s Goulds Pumps, Pump Appreciation Day is a global event held to raise awareness of the value of pumps to modern manufacturing and products, and honor those that make them possible.

“On Pump Appreciation Day, we celebrate pumps as an essential machine in the global industrial market, and recognize the people and organizations that design, manufacture, install and service them,” said Aris Chicles, president of ITT Industrial Process, which includes the Goulds Pumps, PRO Services and Bornemann brands. “That’s why we spotlight our industry’s successes with our annual award program, and pay tribute to the men, women and organizations that help drive modern manufacturing forward.”

In conjunction with Pump Appreciation Day, ITT announced the 2015 Heart of Industry and Pulse of Industry Award recipients. Seven organizations were presented with the Heart of Industry Award, recognizing companies whose operational excellence and use of pump technology advance plant processing, customer service and our overall way of life through improved reliability and efficiency, and lower cost of ownership. Nine people were also named to the Pulse of Industry Honor Roll, an individual recognition program to commend pump professionals for their exceptional work in pump operations, maintenance or process optimization.

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In addition to recognizing industrial pumps as the heart of industry, the event also focuses on the most vital pump—the human heart, ITT Goulds Pumps said. For the second year, ITT’s Goulds Pumps brand will host a heart walk at its worldwide manufacturing locations to promote heart-healthy behavior and raise money to support it. As a tribute to the company’s founder, ITT Goulds Pumps will host this year’s PumpStrong Heart Walk on Seabury S. Gould’s birthday, Aug. 8. Inventor of the cast iron water pump, Seabury S. Gould was born in 1812, and he, his son, grandson and great-grandson led the company through a period of dramatic expansion and modernization spanning from 1848 to 1964.

All proceeds from this year’s PumpStrong Heart Walk will be donated to the international Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Program, which is supported by the American Heart Association and its global partners. The ECC Program promotes training and adoption of proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) methods.

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with the ECC Program through our PumpStrong Heart Walks this year,” Chicles said. “We are committed to playing a leadership role in serving as the heart of industry.”    

In addition to Pump Appreciation Day events and award programs, an online World of Pumps Quiz (www.worldofpumpsquiz.com), which tests participants’ knowledge of the pump industry and its products, attracted more than 8,800 unique visitors from 117 countries in the months leading up to Pump Appreciation Day.

For more information regarding Pump Appreciation Day, visit http://pumpappreciationday.com/ or follow the hashtag #PAD15 from the @ITTGouldsPumps Twitter handle.

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