10 New Online Resources for Fluid Handling Pros

New mobile apps, downloads and websites for professionals in the fluid handling industry.

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Web Resources

Mobile Apps

CyclopsNon-Contact Temperature Measurement

AMETEK LAND, a manufacturer of non-contact temperature measurement solutions, has launched a new app for Cyclops, its portable thermometer. Available for free download on Google Play, the app features a Route Mode management system that ensures temperature measurements are recorded at pre-configured locations.Single or multiple routes can be uploaded onto the app, with the option to preset against a variety of parameters such as emissivity and window correction. This provides configurable measurement routes for a plant or process, making it ideal for areas with multiple locations that require regular monitoring eg. in Coke Production Plants. Routes are configured in the Logger software and uploaded to the Cyclops thermometer, for easy viewing. A four digit code assigned to each temperature reading along the route allows predefined information about the material’s emissivity at every location within the production process, along with date and time, to be recorded. Once the user has taken temperature measurements and these have been automatically recorded by the new Cyclops Logger app, the data can be downloaded, again using the Bluetooth capability, to a desktop.

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BrennanHydraulic Fittings & Adapters

Brennan Industries, a manufacturer of critical flow components, has introduced a mobile app that provides access to its catalog of 30,000 products, a competitor’s part number product cross-reference tool, and a new pressure ratings search. To access the app, visit Brennaninc.com/mobile on your smartphone. In addition to the app, the company’s website features its online parts catalog, configurator and a free CAD download solution.

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Asco Flow App HrFlow Calculator

ASCO Numatics, a manufacturer of fluid automation, flow control, and pneumatics solutions, has introduced a mobile application for iPhone and Android devices. The free app features the ASCO Flow Calculator, which enables customers to calculate flow for a valve or determine the Cv needed to properly size a valve. In addition, the Fluid Guide provides reference information on the types of valves available for most common corrosive and non-corrosive gases and liquids. In addition, the Fluid Guide provides reference information on the types of valves available for most common corrosive and non-corrosive gases and liquids. Additional features of the mobile app include the Where to Buy Distributor locator. Customers can now locate domestic and international ASCO distributors (both Authorized Valve Distributors and Combustion Product Distributors). Customers can search by zip or city/state or search by GPS location (when Location Services are enabled). Results provide the distributor's phone, fax, email, and website information (when applicable). The ASCO mobile app also features an interactive Conversion tool that quickly converts between metric and imperial values. It includes nine conversion calculators for Area, Energy, Flow, Length, Pressure, Temperature, Velocity, Volume and Weight.

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Bird DogFlow Measurement Data

Coastal Flow Measurement’s BirdDog IS Mobile app for Apple iPhone provides user access to systems and data traditionally available through the advanced remote information collection, processing and Web-based delivery SaaS systems of BirdDog Information Systems, a division of Coastal Flow. The BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval System is a simple yet powerful means to remotely collect, analyze, and alarm flow measurement and related data. Following mobile authentication through the iPhone app, users can navigate systems such as BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval and the BirdDog LACT-Pro(R) Controller & Ticketing Service for data access and management. Users are also provided with a way to reach support staff by phone or email. Non-authenticated users can access company postings on products, services, and general reference information, including News & Events, Press Releases, and the Statement of the Month. While optimized for the iPhone 6, the BirdDog IS Mobile app is fully compatible with earlier iPhone versions.

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HarringtonChemical Guide for Piping Systems

Harrington Industrial Plasticsnew Chemical Guide for Piping Systems is available for download on the Apple App Store. The guide includes data for 23 different types of plastic piping materials, elastomers, pump seals, and high purity metal tubing and compares them to over 880 different chemicals. This comprehensive data can be used by the engineering & end-user communities as a guide toward helping make informed decisions on chemical compatibility of various piping materials for their specific process or application. In addition to chemical compatibility, the App also has a Store Finder, Company Information, and links to Harrington’s e-Commerce website.

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MorganOnline Tools & Catalogs

Heat Transfer Calculator

Morgan Advanced Materials Heat Flow application is a completely enhanced online steady-state heat transfer calculator. The Heat Flow application allows users to simulate an unlimited number of heat-transfer scenarios using Morgan’s insulation and refractory products, as well as other user-defined materials. Users can register to create and manage their own material databases and calculations.

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Current, Voltage & Power Solution Catalog

Nk TechnologiesNK Technologies’ 2015 catalog features an extensive portfolio of current, voltage and power measurement products. The 114-page catalog includes performance data, sizes, specifications and technical references for the company’s line of current sensing switches, transducers, transformers, ground fault protection, and other products. The catalog is available as a PDF download. Featured in the new catalog are NK Technologies’ recently introduced AT/ATR AC current transducers—designed with split-core housings and the capacity to monitor up to 1600 amps without disturbing existing wiring. The new transducers are designed to mount on a DIN rail or attach to a control panel, providing the same reliability and accuracy that NK products are known for worldwide.

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New & Improved Websites

ClippardMiniature Pneumatics

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, which is credited with introducing miniature pneumatic valves and cylinders to the industry in the 1950s and a miniature valve line in the 1970s, has expanded its website hours of operation to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clippard believes that there is opportunity in what has traditionally been considered off hours, especially for selling in other parts of the county and maybe even other parts of the world. Visitors to Clippard.com will now have uninterrupted access to read product specifications, perform calculations, watch videos or locate distributors any time of day. 

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Fluid Transfer Solutions

OPW Engineered Systems, part of OPW's Fluid segment within Dover Corporation, has launched its new website at www.opw-es.com. The redesigned site has been formatted to give mobile-device users an intuitive navigational experience without sacrificing access to resources such as videos, technical manuals, customer support and more. Visitors accessing teh site through traditional platforms will also notice improvements in navigation and overall features. Site visitors can access OPW's chemcial and industrial products by brand, application and product family.

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UfmFlowmeter Technologies

Universal Flow Monitors’ upgraded website provides educational information on all flowmeter technologies, not just the ones manufactured by Universal Flow Monitors. It also provides links for purchasing a suggested flowmeter after the user enters information about the application and specifications. End-users can choose pipe size, material, thread type, connector and other specifications in order to build a model code for ordering online. If the product is not offered by Universal Flow Monitors, the website lists other meters with prices and the option to order.

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