EDITOR’S FILE: 5 Flow Control Things You Need to Know About

The following is the first installment in what will be a new monthly blog series called the “Editor's File.” My goal with this series is to highlight a handful of noteworthy items from the month that was.

Industrial Data Analytics iStock
Industrial Data Analytics iStock

The following is the first installment in what will be a new monthly blog series called the "Editor's File." My goal with this series is to highlight a handful of noteworthy items from the month that was. In any given post, I may bring your attention to recent articles on FlowControlNetwork.com, items from our website, and/or particularly interesting stories from other sources. If you have compelling stories that you feel are worthy of mention on this page going forward, I welcome your emails at Matt@GrandViewMedia.com.

Fc Blog 1114 5 Things31. The Flow Control Portal Program continues to grow, as we recently added a new application portal on Steam Systems Management, sponsored by the folks at Spirax Saco. The portal features a lot of useful information, including applications stories, video tutorials, training opportunities, and more. If you work with steam, the Steam Systems Management Portal is a must-visit. Find it at flwctrl.com/steam_portal.

Fc Blog 1114 5 Things22. Flow Control attended Emerson Process Management’s 2014 Global Users Exchange, Oct. 6–10 in Orlando.The event, which is run by a conference board made up of a majority of end-users and a minority of Emerson employees, attracted an estimated 3,200 attendees from 57 countries to partake in a range of technical sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibits focused on four main conference tracks: Measure & Analyze, Operate & Maintain, Final Control & Regulate, and Solve & Support. And while the presentations varied widely around the theme of “Inspiring Ingenuity,” it was clear that the message for the delegation of press gathered to cover the Exchange was Reliability, Reliability, Reliability. For more on this story, go here.

Fc Blog 1114 5 Things3. The International Society of Automation responded to a Pell Center report that called for the formation of a professional association focused on industrial cybersecurity. “We already have one!” was the gist of the response, as ISA president Peggy Koon cited the series of standards on industrial automation and control systems security that is being developed by ISA in an international effort involving experts from more than 200 companies and organizations representing energy, water and wastewater, food and beverage processing, chemicals, petroleum refining and other industry sectors. For more on this story, see flwctrl.com/isa_pell.

Fc Blog 1114 5 Things54. Kevin Parker from our sister publication, Processing, attended the GE Intelligent Platforms Business 2014 User Summit, and he had some interesting things to report from GE CEO Jeff Immelt's keynote address. “All companies need to become Internet and software companies,” Immelt said. “The industrial world is changing dramatically, and those companies that make the best use of data will be the most successful.” Parker said GE is particularly bullish on the role of data analytics in industrial process environments going forward, as it aims to enable what Immelt calls the “'brilliant” factory with design-for-manufacturing, sensor enablement and supply chain optimization." For Parker's full report from GE's 2014 User Summit, go here

Fc Blog 1114 5 Things45. As energy exploration continues to reach into more extreme environments, the technology to serve these applications continues to evolve as well. Case in point: Milton Roy recently released the Primeroyal X metering pump, which conforms to API 675 standards and provides 20,000 PSIG to withstand the extreme pressures associated with operating at deeper depths in offshore energy exploration. The Primeroyal X is designed to provide consistent chemical delivery with chemicals such as methanol, monoethylene glycol, and corrosion inhibitors to improve flow and enhance product recovery. For more on the Primeroyal pump, visit flwctrl.com/primeroyal.

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