Sierra Instruments”Boiler-Trak smart insertion mass flowmeter is a boiler and heater efficiencysolution for natural gas flow measurement applications.The system is alsosuited for compliance to new regulations for the burning of natural gasin commercial boiler applications. It can be installed or retrofit into existing piping and provides the mass flowrateand totalized flow (200 millisecond response to changes in flowrate) ofthe natural gas burned.The system”smicroprocessor-based transmitter integrates the functions of flow-rangeadjustment, meter validation, and diagnostics in a probe-mounted NEMA4X(IP65) housing. Mass flowrate and totalized flow, as well as otherconfiguration variables, can be displayed on an optional backlit LCDpanel. The meter also provides anoptical/galvanic isolated four to 20 mA output, two alarm outputs, andonecontact input for range or gas selection. The programmable transmittercan be configured via RS 232 and Sierra’s Smart Interface softwareor with three pushbuttons on the device. The meter is suitable forpipes or ducts from 1.25 inches to six inches.