Hydreka’s HydrINS 2 and HydrINS 2 Mini measure bi-directional flowrates at reservoirs, waterworks, pumping stations, water pipes, and DMA zones. HydrINS 2 can be used as a portable meter, or easily installed as a dedicated instrument. The unit exports information directly to data-logging devices, and is also available with an optional LCD display for viewing readings. HydrINS 2 Mini is designed from the original HydrINS 2, and features a reduced sensor diameter for increased measurement efficiency on pipe sizes from 300 to 80 mm with low velocities (+/-2 percent at 2 cm/s). Both products use Hydreka’s Winfluid software (PC- or PDA-compatible) for programming, data retrieval and processing. In the event of flow disturbances, Winfluid’s velocity profiling tool calculates the real profile factor of the flow. – hydreka.com

Note: Hydreka is currently seeking distributors in the United States for its line of electromagnetic insertion probes. For more information on becoming a distributor, contact Hydreka Canadian Sales Manager Vincent Favre at vfavre@hydreka.com or visit the company website at www.hydreka.com.