Brooks Instrument”sB-Series mass flow controller is designed to be insensitive tofluctuations in pressure and temperature. Built on a standard1.125-inch wide platform with a user interface and local digitaldisplay, the mass flow controller provides a compact flow measurementand control solution thatactively measures line pressure and adjusts the control valve toeliminate actual flow and flow signal changes as a result of pressurefluctuations. In addition, the output of the mass flow controller ischaracterized over the full operating temperature range of the device,enabling measurement and control accuracy regardless of process orambient temperature conditions. The mass flow controllerincorporates internal self-diagnostic routines that continuously checkthe health of the device. In the event of a diagnostic fault, an alarmcode flashes on the user interface. A service port provides additionaldiagnostic capability, minimizing the need to remove the mass flowcontroller from process service.