2019 Innovation Awards Nominees

The 2019 nominees for Flow Control’s annual Innovation Awards program.


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Badger Meter Tfx 500w 800 300x281

Badger Meter — Dynasonics TFX-500w Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter 

The TFX-500w Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter measures water flow bidirectionally in pipes 10 inches or smaller. By clamping on the outside of the pipe, the ultrasonic meter installs without cutting or tapping the pipe. Designed for noninvasive, ultrasonic transit time flow measurement, the meter accurately determines the rate, total and velocity of water flow. With a large, easy-to-read display, the meter provides Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP connectivity and integrates with the Badger Meter BEACON and AquaCUE Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) cloud-based software suites. The meter can be programmed through the front panel or USB cable using SoloCUE Flow Device Manager software.

The TFX-500w meter can be retrofitted in existing installations. It has no pressure head loss, no contact with internal liquid and no moving parts to maintain.

Emerson M Icro Motion 4200 Sm Rt V1 Current 800 300x248

Emerson — Micro Motion 4200 2-wire Transmitter 

The Micro Motion 4200 Coriolis 2-wire flow and density transmitter offers up to a 4-inch line size to accommodate larger flow rates that require a 2-wire Coriolis meter. Smart Meter Verification is standard, along with zero verification. Real-time clock facilitates troubleshooting by time-stamping process data, audit trails and Smart Meter Verification reports. The touch control display provides ease of use and lowers commissioning time. The transmitter also offers a remote mount option.

The 2-wire Coriolis meter uses the existing wiring without the need to run additional wiring, scaffolding, conduit, AC panels and transformers, reducing complexity, length of time and cost for retrofit or plant expansion projects. The transmitter housing is engineered to provide easy access for installation, mounting and maintenance. The intuitive interface allows full commissioning, configuration and operations through the display.

Endress Prowirl F 200 7 F2 C Steam 800 300x251

Endress+Hauser — Proline Prowirl F 200 

Proline Prowirl F 200 is a multivariable vortex flowmeter for inline wet steam measurement, primarily designed for steam, gases, liquids and cryogenic fluids. With loop-powered technology, it enables seamless integration into existing infrastructures. Heartbeat Technology ensures process safety. 

The Prowirl F measures volume flow, mass flow, corrected volume flow, energy flow, heat flow difference, temperature and pressure. It is able to measure steam quality for improved energy efficiency as well as plant and personnel safety. It offers operational safety in hazardous areas and can be used in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. It features lifelong calibration when used in nonabrasive and noncorrosive media due to its patented capacitive sensor. The new design allows flexible orientation and installation of the pressure transmitter. 

Exair 18th Nd E Fatom Pr 3mb 800 300x296

EXAIR Corporation — No Drip External Mix Narrow Angle Flat Fan Atomizing Nozzle 1/8 NPT

The No Drip External Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles positively stop liquid flow when compressed air is shut off. They are ideal where no post-spray drips are permissible. Three liquid patterns are available: round, narrow angle flat fan and wide angle flat fan patterns. They are used for pressure-fed applications where precise liquid flow is needed. External nozzles can be used on liquids up to 300 centipoise. The newest 1/8 NPT versions come in 5 different flow rates.

EXAIR’s no-drip liquid air nozzles use the supply air to operate the liquid valve and create the atomized liquid pattern. This eliminates the separate pilot line and the additional compressed air required to operate the liquid valve. Air and liquid flows adjust independently without drips, which conserves resources and chemicals or coatings.

Fci St80 Series 0219 Hi 800 300x282

Fluid Components International (FCI) — ST80 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The ST80 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter featuring Adaptive Sensor Technology (AST) is a rugged thermal dispersion technology air/gas mass flowmeter that combines feature-rich electronics with application-matched flow sensors. It features a robust transmitter enclosure and a broad selection of process connections for long service life and ease of installation. The transmitter’s extensive and flexible I/O capabilities ensure a match to current and future DCS, PLC, SCADA, recorder or alarm system. The standard transmitter comes with multiple outputs: two NAMUR NE-43 compliant 4-20 mA analog outputs, HART (v7) and Modbus, and a USB port plus FCI software for PC interfacing.

AST is a hybrid drive that combines both constant temperature (CT) and constant power (CP), plus a CP-only mode, for two field-changeable measuring techniques in one flowmeter.

Fluke 710 02 800 300x232

Fluke Corporation — Fluke 710 mA Loop Valve Tester

The 710 mA Loop Valve Tester features preconfigured valve tests for reliable, repeatable testing. The built-in routines include: manually changing the mA signal and viewing the HART position and pressure variable information; full range ramping of the mA signal from 4 to 20 to 4 mA while recording the 0-100-0 percent position or the pressures applied that move the valve from 0-100-0 percent. It also includes stepping the mA signal on the input to the valve in steps and evaluating the valve’s response to the mA input changes. 

Speed tests determine how fast the valve can open or close, and bump and partial stroke tests help test valves over a portion of their range so they can be tested in a live process.

Gfpiping 9950 Look Left Transparent With Gen3 Modules 800 300x277

GF Piping Systems — Signet 9950 SmartPro Dual Channel Transmitter

The Signet 9950 SmartPro Dual Channel Transmitter offers multiple measurement readings in one transmitter. It allows for automatic pH glass impedance measurement, setting of broken glass detection from 1 to 2000 megaohms and reading of data stored in all Signet DryLoc pH/ORP electrodes. 

The new Conductivity Module allows the 9950 to monitor two different conductivities with a single module. The Modbus Output Module provides secondary measurements such as temperature from pH or conductivity/resistivity measurements, as well as totalizer values for flow. New software enhances the derived function measurements. It can now calculate the sum, difference or ratio between two similar measurements or, for conductivity or flow measurements, determine efficiencies in reverse osmosis systems. It also provides the ability to mix and match secondary measurements in the calculations.

Ham Let Io Th800 psd 800 300x259

Ham-Let — IoTH800 Smart Valve 

The Internet of Things H800 Smart Valve (IoTH800) features constant monitoring, management and control of position/state indication, pressure, flow, humidity and temperature. Due to its array of sensors and capabilities, it can be activated by triggering scenarios such as downstream pressure drop (line burst), high temperature (fire) or vibration, simultaneously sending an alert to the control room.

The IoTH800 is compatible with a range of industry 4.0 standards (e.g., Modbus, LoRa, BLE), easing interoperability with an existing system. Integrating with IoT cloud platform allows immediate response for safety events, machine learning and optimization, machinery and equipment protection and device tracking. As an all-in-one product, the IoTH800 Smart Valve eliminates possible leakage sources cause by other sensors and instrumentation used with a regular valve.

Krohne Optisonic 7300 Biogas 25cm 300dpi Cmyk 800 300x253

KROHNE Inc. — OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas Ultrasonic Flowmeter — for the measurement of dry and wet (raw) biogas with variable composition — features a pressure sensor, along with the standard temperature sensor, that can be ordered optionally and comes mounted on the flow tube. Combined with the integrated flow computer, the additional sensor provides advanced biogas measurement. A temperature sensor in combination with the measured velocity of sound enables direct measurement of methane content via calculation of the molar mass. Using an additional pressure sensor, it can provide calculation of gas flow volume to standard conditions.

The biogas flowmeter can be used for any gas flow measurement, including vent gas applications in oil and gas production. The integrated sensor options simplify installation, while the on-board flow computer allows the output to be set to a variable, e.g., methane content.


Lj Star Lumi Flo 276x300L.J. Star Incorporated — The LumiFlo LED Light

The LumiFlo LED Light is designed to improve the lighting of full-view sight flow indicators in process fluid lines. It easily attaches to most inline full-view sight flow indicators, allowing operators to clearly see color, flow and particles moving through the sight glass to visually inspect product quality, clarity, viscosity and consistency. It uses long-life LEDs for ideal light and optimal color temperature for a clear view of processes in the brewery, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech and food and beverage processing industries. 

The LumiFlo LED light is designed to prevent microbial and mildew growth of the silicone using nanomaterial additives. It also allows better visual inspection and saves time during cleaning.

Sage Paramount Frontal View Hi Res 800 151x300

Sage Metering Inc. — Paramount Thermal Mass Flow Meter 

The Paramount Thermal Mass Flow Meter features the Sage Prime’s display and circuitry with a NEMA 4X enclosure, which safeguards the meter against harsh environmental elements and provides corrosion protection. The rear compartment of the display is separate from the electronics and has large, well-marked terminals that are easy to access. It also features a mini USB port that permits the user to quickly reconfigure the meter in the field while using SageCom software. The meter powers with 24 VDC.

The Paramount’s display has a high-contrast photo-emissive OLED (organic LED), demonstrating flow rate, total and temperature. The flow rate displays in a horizontal bar graph. The meter is available in an integral (Model 401) or remote style (Model 402). The remote-style meter has lead-length compensation up to 1,000 feet and an explosion-proof junction box.


Siemens Simatic20 Pdm20 Ms Sw170403 S Rgb 800 300x167

Siemens Process Instruments — SIMATIC Process Device Manager – Maintenance Station V3.0

SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station (MS) V3.0 is a universal, nonproprietary tool for the configuration, parameterization, commissioning and monitoring of smart field devices. The MS is available as a standalone system. It can run independently of both the customers’ automation control projects and with complete autonomy from the PLC/DCS process control systems being used.

The information from SIMATIC PDM is prepared in the SIMATIC PDM MS and supplemented by functionalities such as overview or work progress lists; overview, segment and detail screens; condition logs; parameter data archiving; global and device-specific message lists; and cyclic functions for reading and exporting field device information such as overview displays and progress lists. The system is also expandable via accessory programs that focus on specific needs of specialized components like valves and pumps.

Uec Vanguard Magnet2 800 238x300

United Electric Controls — Vanguard WirelessHART Gas Detector Version 1.2

The Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector can monitor the presence of toxic or combustible gases for approximately five years without a battery replacement. Version 1.2 incorporates new features including more mounting options, more intuitive configuration and access to diagnostics. It features an option for interchangeable sensor heads, which makes it easier to monitor different gases at different times, a new sensing head for carbon monoxide and installation options that do not require hot work permits, including magnetic mounting and adjustable clamp mounting. 

Expanded temperature operating range and enhanced stability across temperature ranges enables performance in extreme temperature conditions. Minimal zero shift with changing ambient temperature reduces the chance of false alarms and provides faster gateway connections. Updated WirelessHART commands allow quicker connectivity to networks and system commissioning.

Vor Tek Cover Image Final 800 300x200

VorTek Instruments — VorCone Meter

The VorCone meter utilizes two different flowmeter technologies in combination: vortex and differential pressure. The design has blended the two separate flow metering principles into one hybrid system where the two meters do not adversely affect each other’s performance. This combination allows for the prediction of the fluid density, volumetric flow rate and mass flow rate without any fluid density information being required from an external source.

This ability to measure fluid density allows the meter to provide several valuable outputs. In single-phase service, the meter can calculate the density of changing gas mixtures. In saturated steam service, the meter produces a reliable steam quality (dryness) measurement and total mass flow rate measurement (steam and water mixture). In wet natural gas service, the meter is able to provide a reliable liquid loading measurement and gas mass flow rate reading.

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