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Armstrong, retrofit, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of Armstrong Fluid Technology

Armstrong Fluid Technology — Vertical In-Line Retrofit Solution

The Design Envelope Vertical-In-Line Retrofit allows building owners to replace the moving parts of an installed Armstrong constant speed pump while retaining the existing pump casing, insulation and piping. The Design Envelope Vertical-In-Line Retrofit provides owners of existing constant speed pumps with opportunities to save up to 70 percent on energy costs by upgrading to variable speed.

Design Envelope solutions do not require differential pressure sensors, wall-mounted drives or additional wiring, and because the Design Envelope Vertical-In-Line Retrofit solution reuses the existing casing, no need exists for a pressure test after installation. This new solution reduces the costs for equipment, shipping and scrap as well as installation labor. The energy efficiency of a Design Envelope solution will result in annual savings of up to 70 percent. Payback on the retrofit project costs are typically between two and three years.

The key is the exact match to an installed constant speed pump. The motor and impeller can be installed in minutes and the new combination will serve the HVAC system as before, but will use less energy.


Bronkhorst High-Tech — EL-FLOW Prestige

EL-FLOW Prestige is the next generation of Bronkhorst mass flowmeters/controllers for gases. Nearly all core components have been redesigned and many improvements and innovations have been incorporated.

Bronkhorst High-Tech, Innovation Awards, EL-FLOW

Image courtesy of Bronkhorst High-Tech

With this new series, Bronkhorst introduced differential temperature balancing technology to ensure high accuracy and a superb sensor stability. New, power-efficient microprocessors are designed to achieve enhanced dynamic behavior. The new metal housing is of robust yet compact design.

EL-FLOW Prestige represents a shift in versatility and user-friendliness, featuring an on-board gas conversion model, various fieldbus options and customizable input/output (I/O) functions. The control performance of EL-FLOW Prestige is factory adjusted to swiftly respond to setpoint changes, without overshoot. Moreover, the controllers are highly resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure fluctuations, which may be caused by other devices consuming gas from the same source. As an option the MFCs can be tuned for extra fast flow response or extra smooth control, depending on the requirements of the process. The dynamic behavior can also be tuned on-site easily by adjusting the control. 

Endress+Hauser, Proline, flowmeter, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser — Proline 300/500

Endress+Hauser’s new generation of Proline 300/500 flowmeters, released in the U.S. in January, combines Proline sensors with state-of-the-art technology. Proline 300/500 transmitters pair with 3 electromagnetic and 11 Coriolis sensors. Proline

300/500 allows universal flow metering in all applications in the process industry — from quantity measurement and process monitoring to custody transfer applications. Proline also provides a view into the process, ensuring that plant operators receive a wealth of important diagnostic and process data.

The new generation of Proline flowmeters is based on a uniform device concept. This means time and cost savings as well as maximum safety over the entire plant life cycle. Some of the highlight innovations include optional WLAN connectivity for commissioning, operation and diagnostics with a phone, tablet or laptop; freely configurable analog inputs and outputs; and a wide range of digital communications options.

EXAIR Corporation, nozzle, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of EXAIR Corporation

EXAIR Corporation — No Drip Internal Mix Deflected Flat Fan Liquid Atomizing Nozzle

External Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles mix liquid and air outside the nozzle and allow the air and liquid flows to be adjusted

independently. The new, patented No Drip External Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles work the same way EXAIR’s standard nozzles do, but have the added benefit of positively stopping liquid flow when compressed air is shut off.

When spraying any type of liquid, post-spray liquid flow can cause big problems. Unwanted drips can ruin product function on sealing or mating surfaces. Drips can also ruin the appearance of painted or coated finishes. In addition, excess liquid flow wastes precious resources such as expensive coatings, chemicals or water. When the compressed air supply is shut off, the no-drip nozzle positively seals off the flow of liquid eliminating the possibility of drips.

EXAIR’s No Drip Atomizing Spray Nozzles are available in three different liquid patterns: round, narrow angle flat fan and wide angle flat fan patterns. They are for pressure fed applications where precise liquid flow is needed. External nozzles can be used on liquids up to 300 centipoise. 

FLEXIM Americas Corp., ultrasonic, flowmeter, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of FLEXIM Americas Corp.

FLEXIM Americas Corp. — FLUXUS Cryo

FLEXIM CRYO is a nonintrusive ultrasonic flowmeter for measurement of cryogenic fluids down to -190°C/-310°F, including

liquefied natural gas (LNG). It provides a solution for cases where reliable and trouble-free cryogenic flow measurement is required, such as LNG applications at carrier offloading and ship-to-ship loading, flow measurement on floating storage and regasification units as well as at peak shaving plants. Other cryogenic applications include flow measurement of media such as liquid ethane, liquid air, liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen. Independent of the pipe size — from 3-inch lines in peak shaving plants to 36-inch pipes for tanker offloading to storage tanks — the system’s measuring accuracy and reliability meets all monitoring, control and strategic information system purposes.

Because FLUXUS Cryo is mounted externally to the pipe, no moving or vibrating parts are present; No impulse lines are susceptible to freezing/blocking, and no internal components are included that could cause pressure drops. Since the meter is mounted outside the pipe, no gaskets or potential leakage points are present, so there is no risk for flashing.

Fox Thermal Instruments — Fox Model FT4A

Fox Thermal Instruments, flowmeter, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of Fox Thermal Instruments

The Fox Model FT4A Thermal Mass Flowmeter was designed to be a flexible flowmeter for oil and gas, industrial and wastewater applications. Each Model FT4A is equipped with the second generation of

direct digitally controlled sensor technology — the new DDC sensor — that provides the platform for a revolutionary new gas selection feature: Gas-SelectX and has a new noncantilevered design. Each FT4A is programed to measure multiple gases available in the new expanded Gas-SelectX gas selection menus. Three menus are included, the first of which is the pure gas menu and contains 11 pure gases from which to choose. The two additional menus are for mixing gases for different industries. Ten common industrial process gases are available in the gas mix menu and 12 common gases are available in the oil and gas menu.
Other important design considerations on the FT4A are:

  • Calibration validation with CAL-V
  • Built to stock, fast delivery
  • Extensive agency approvals including FM/FMc, ATEX and IECEx approvals
  • Standard USB communication port
  • Optional RS485 modbus RTU or HART communication protocols
  • Free FT4A view software

Graco Inc. — Husky 1050e

The Graco Husky 1050e is an electric operated double diaphragm pump designed for fluid transfer applications. The main driver behind the development of the 1050e was energy savings when compared to air-operated diaphragm pumps running on compressed air. Large compressed air sources can be expensive to install, operate and maintain and are inefficient sources of power when compared to equipment running off electric motors.

Graco, pump, AODD, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of Graco Inc.

The 1050e can reduce the energy consumption of the pump by up to 80 percent when compared to an air operated diaphragm pump. The Husky 1050e incorporates a patent-pending, air-charged drive technology, which allows the pump to stall under pressure and virtually eliminate pulsation on the pump outlet. The 1050e is the only electric double diaphragm pump on the market that can stall under pressure without the need to add additional sensors or controls. Its sealless diaphragm pump design allows the pump to self-prime, run dry and prevent leaks.

Hanbay Inc. — RDM-S-B00DT-1 Spring Return Dual Fail-Safe Actuator

Hanbay, actuator, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of Hanbay Inc.

 The concept of the RDM-S-B00DT-1 valve actuator was inspired by a change made to the CSA safety code. The new

amendment made to the CSA Propane Storage & Handling Code, B149.2-15, stipulates that all internal control valves that serve propane must remain closed except when the dispensing system is activated. This effectively left the $16-billion Canadian propane industry, comprised of propane producers, wholesalers, retailers, transporters and manufacturers, scrambling to find new technology that adheres to the new regulation.

Initially designed for propane tanks, the RDM-S-B00DT-1 has been integrated in propane dispensers and bobtail trucks. It is built with an CSA/UL rated explosion-proof enclosure, brushless DC motor, spring return handle for manual control, and has dual fail-safe features integrated for emergency valve shutoff. In addition, the actuator will close the valve when its power is either turned off or lost. Its mounting kit has been custom-designed to adapt to 1.25-inch internal valves from Fisher, Rego and/or Marshall Excelsior.


Take 5 Inc. — Tactical Flow Meters

Take 5 Inc., flowmeter, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of Take 5 Inc.

The first industrial thermal mass flowmeter with Bluetooth interface to allow in-situ calibration, data-logging with email server, ModBus RTU & USB communication, 0-5 linear output and 4-20 mA outputs. Available in 1- and 2-inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) configurations, as well as a 1-inch NPT mass flow controller in nylon, aluminum and 316 stainless steel. The flowmeter utilizes the latest in MEMS-sensing technologies and multicore processors to afford high performance at a fraction of competing technologies.

The Tactical Flow Meter features a Bluetooth communication layer that affords simple hand held means of invoking an in-situ calibration validation with the ability to email the results to the auditor using any Android device with Bluetooth. The accuracy is enhanced by utilizing high-accuracy automated calibration equipment in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 Standards to eliminate common human errors.

Teledyne Hastings Instruments — Digital 300 Vue

Teledyne Hastings Instruments, flowmeter, controller, Innovation Awards

Image courtesy of Teledyne Hastings Instruments

The 300 Vue is an advanced microprocessor-based thermal mass flowmeter and/or controller designed to provide the user with fast, accurate performance. It features an optional color touch screen display that gives the user local control of gas flow. In addition, the product offers flexible analog I/O signals (0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 0-20 mA, or 4-20 mA). Digital I/O is standard via the serial port, which the user can configure for RS232 or RS485. A USB port is another standard feature.

The instrument can be powered by one of two methods. A bayonet power jack will accept 24 volts DC. Or if the user utilizes the analog I/O, he or she can power using a nine-pin, D-style connector. The HFC-D-302B model can be sized as low as 5 standard cubic centimeters per minute full-scale of N2. This model is built with all-metal seals (the controller features a Kalrez valve seat). The HFC-D-308B model can be sized to 10,000 standard liters per minute of air. The 308 features an advanced high-flow valve and innovative digital feedback loop for stable flow control.