iCenta Liquid Paddlewheel Flow MeterThe IC-LPM series of liquid paddlewheel flowmeters from icenta Controls provide accurate flowrate monitoring over the range of 0.5 to 1200 l/min with standard nominal sizes up to 50 mm. A simple yet robust stainless steel construction offers excellent corrosion resistance, and a versatile design with custom options can be adapted to meet varying flow monitoring requirements: additional meter sizes and flow ranges, threaded or flanged connections, a selection of outputs, flow instruments and displays, a choice of three temperature ratings (up to 120 C, 230 C or 350 C), and pressures up to 100 bar or greater by request. The IC-LPM liquid paddlewheel flowmeter features a freely supported paddlewheel impeller mounted on a bearing and pin assembly. As the fluid passes through the meter body it causes the paddlewheel to rotate at a speed that is proportional, within a small level of uncertainty, to the stream flow velocity over a 10-to-1 linear flow range. The rotational speed is measured by a magnetic pick-up housed in the probe assembly. The liquid paddlewheel flowmeters are suitable replacement for many turbine meters: they offer a lower pressure drop and reduced risk of contamination from liquids with suspended solids, while achieving a good level of linearity/repeatability. Typical applications include chilled water circuit monitoring, oil-based temperature controllers, chemical & water batching.