Schroeder Industries” inline filters for the process industry are rated from three to 3,000 microns. Various types of media are available on the replaceable elements for inline filters, ranging from pleated synthetic glass fiber and Dutch weave wire mesh for finer filtrations to square hole wire mesh and slotted tube for coarser filtration applications. A number of these media types are cleanable and reusable. The inline filters are available in simplex or duplex models and come in a variety of housing materials and coatings. The duplex design allows continuous operation since one filter element may be isolated and serviced while the system is fully operational. A wide range of flows can be accommodated with the filters, from 25 GPM (100 L/min) to well over 4,000 GPM (16,000 L/min). Inline filters provide operational efficiency, limited downtime, low maintenance costs, and minimal environmental impact.