Tyco Flow Control’s Keystone CompoSeal butterfly valves are now available in the size range from DN 40(1.5 inch) to DN 300(12 inch). The new Keystone CompoSeal valves are injection molded rather than produced in a foundry, consuming less energy and using less raw material to manufacture. Other significant benefits include lightweight, which enables more efficient transportation and a further reduction in carbon emissions. Excellent Ccorrosion resistance — both against anything passing through the valve or in the external environment — ensures performance and longer product life cycles. The low thermal conductivity of the composite material eliminates the need to insulate them. Superior sSeal integrity virtually eliminates the risk of leakage into the environment, making for safer and cleaner operations. The combination of high-performance engineered composites and an Fluor-elastomer (FKM-B) seat offers the additional benefit of significantlyhelps improving improve chemical resistance. High-performance engineered composites offer increased design flexibility, while remaining firmly within existing regulatory frameworks and industrial design standards such as ISO, EN, API and PED. Keystone compositeThe valves are certified to stringent food and drinking water standards such as KIWA, ACS, WRAS, Belgaqua, NSF61, FDA as well as various key industrial standards including the DNV ship class certification. – tycoflowcontrol.com