Omega Engineering’s new, low-cost fiber-optic infrared thermometer/transmitter features an easy-to-read local display and two isolated analog outputs. The dual display indicates current plus min, max, or differential temperatures. The CE-marked product measures temperature ranges up to 2,482 C (4,500 F) with an accuracy of 1 percent of reading. The main electronics are in a NEMA 4-rated aluminum housing with a built-in relay, alarm LED, and a four-position programmable keypad to adjust emissivity (0.05 to 1.00) and high & low alarm setpoints. The OS1592 is well-suited for both hard-to-reach small areas and polymer bolt applications. A good fit for semiconductor manufacturing to monitor the temperature of the wafer during electrical test and other manufacturing processes. Also ideal for metal annealing to monitor the temperature of annealing process.