General Monitors” Second Sight TC Remote Gas Detection System uses high-resolution infrared imaging to add a layer of safety to the detection of combustible and toxic gases in petrochemical production, refining, storage, and distribution operations. Second Sight TC, developed by Bertin Technologies, is a gross leak detector that can simultaneously detect up to four different gases. It features a wide field of view (30-degree standard) and a maximum detection range of 2 km for continuous monitoring of critical areas. Detection sensitivities are verified for quantities of hydrocarbon gas of approximately 2 kg at 250 m. Gas cloud imaging allows plants to be run at higher levels of safety, efficiency, and economy by enabling the end-user to supervise large areas, identify the gas species when leaks occur, and see gas dilution in the atmosphere in real time. In addition, the gas detector can be integrated into fire and gas panels through Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP.