In recognition of World Water Week, a program of the Stockholm International Water Institute, Dow Water & Process Solutions published an info graphic highlighting the role of water in power generation (see below). The infographic visually shows how pure water provides power to enable people to live their daily lives. It points out, for example, that it can take almost 16 gallons of water to power a 60-watt light bulb for just 12 hours, and explains how the quality of the water is key to ensuring efficient and reliable operation of power plant equipment.

Dow Water & Process Solutions provides technology for assuring the purity of water resources. It highlights some of these solutions in the below info graphic, as well as via a "World Water Week" digital plant tool on its website. To see a full-size version of Dow's "The Power of Water" info graphic, click on the graphic below. To visit Dow's "World Water Week" digital plant tool, click here.

Dow Infographic on Water Lifecycle & Reuse Data