Honeywell’s IP Series of industrial pressure sensors includes two new models, designed to offer reliable, repeatable pressure measurements in a variety of industrial manufacturing environments and applications. Pre-configured with features and options for typical industrial monitoring applications, Honeywell’s Model IPG1 and IPG2 offer pressure measurement performance with accuracies of 0.15 percent and 0.25 percent, respectively. The IP Series is compatible with a range of media, including liquids, chemicals, and gases, and is designed to perform in demanding industrial environments where consistent measurements over changing temperature ranges or spikes are essential. The Model IP pressure product is CE-certified and offered in common PSI (5 to 10,000) and bar (0.5 to 700) ranges. Typical applications include heavy equipment hydraulic and pneumatic monitoring, process and factory automation, component and material test, and process monitoring (such as hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid, tank, and leaks.) –