Industrial cyber security is a hot topic. Successful attacks, like Stuxnet, have shown that industrial facilities are vulnerable, making cyber security a potentially catastrophic liability for industrial enterprises, automation suppliers, and manufacturers of industrial equipment.

Top executives are rightfully concerned about their organizations' ability to manage these risks. This has prompted a surge of vulnerability assessments of industrial facilities and product manufacturing practices. In some cases, investments to "harden" systems and practices have followed. While this can reduce current anxieties, it can also produce a false sense of security.

Cyber criminals and hackers thrive on new challenges and quickly meet every countermeasure by shifting to other vulnerabilities and new attack vectors. Industrial organizations need to understand these dynamics and accept cyber security as a pervasive, ongoing risk that must be managed. Furthermore, it demands a comprehensive strategy that combines people, processes, and technology, both to deal with current threats and help ensure ongoing protection.

Gaining the necessary organizational understanding and support can be a major hurdle. But, sustaining a proper focus on cyber security is the biggest industrial cyber security challenge; requiring continuous balancing of organizational concern, effort, and expectations.

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