ITT Goulds Pumps announced the first Pump Appreciation Day, April 10, 2012, will include two new pump industry recognition programs — The Heart of Industry Award and the Pulse of Industry Honor Roll for organizations and people who have distinguished themselves through their work with pump technology to enhance industrial processes and enable essential products.?

ITT Goulds Pumps says Pump Appreciation Day will also include industry events for users of pump technology, and videos and other educational materials for consumers. All of these activities and observations are designed to celebrate pumps as the “heart of industry,” support heart health, and recognize people who work with industrial pumps.

“This day is a great opportunity to recognize the important work done by organizations that buy and use pumps, along with the people who operate and care for them, while supporting a good cause,” Robert J. Pagano Jr., president of the ITT Industrial Process business, which includes ITT Goulds Pumps, said in a prepared statement. “We”re also focused on educating the public about the role of pumps all over the world. They may be behind the scenes for most people, but the essential roles of industrial pumps cannot be overstated.”

Pagano said the company will soon announce new details to encourage participation in the observance. Specific plans and programs include:

  • Heart of Industry Awards – This award program will recognize industrial operations for excellence in using pump technology to improve processes, satisfy customers and enhance modern way of life. Honors will go to companies or plants nominated by ITT Goulds Pumps sales offices and distributors, with a limit of one award winner per office.
  • Pulse of Industry Honor Roll – Pump-industry workers can be named to this new honor roll for such achievements as improving pump efficiency, providing outstanding maintenance, solving engineering or manufacturing challenges, or exceeding expectations to keep equipment running.
  • Consumer education – Videos and fact sheets designed to help non-experts understand the indispensable role that pumps play in everyday life.
  • Local events – ITT Goulds Pumps and its distributors will hold education and recognition events for customers and employees at locations worldwide.
  • Support for CPR education – ITT Goulds Pumps will provide funds and support training events for the international Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Program, supported by the American Heart Association and its global partners. ITT Goulds Pumps already has launched the World of Pumps Quiz, which challenges its customers to answer industry-related questions and pledges donations to the ECC Program for every correct answer.