Emerson ProcessManagement”s Mobrey MSP900ultrasonic level transmitter is designed for use in open-channel flowmeasurement. The new MSP900FH features a pre-wired, remotetemperature sensor and is a good fit for water and industrial processingsites looking to improve the accuracy of their open-channel flowmeasurements. Used in the openair, conventional ultrasonic level transmitters are prone to sufferfrom inaccuracies caused by “solar gain” when the sun shines directlyon them. The Mobrey MSP900FH transmitter has been designed to overcomethis problem by using a remote temperature sensor wired directly intothe transmitter.  Measuring just 10mm diameter x 25mm length, thecompact sensor can easily be located in an appropriately shady spotbetween the liquid surface and the transmitter. In this way, thesystem ensures the air temperature measurement used in the speedof sound calculation is truly representative. The sensor ishard-wired into the transmitter with a two-meter cable, so there is noadditional cabling or setup required, and only a single connection tothe controller, thus keeping installation costs to a minimum. The transmitteris 24V DC loop-powered, with a waterproof housing sealed toIP68 specifications. It has both analog 4-20mA communications and digital HARToptions built-in, and it can be used stand-alone or as part of asite-wide measurement, control, and data acquisition system.