KROHNE”sOPTISONIC 6300 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for easyinstallation and high reliability in heavy industrial and hazardousenvironments. The meter features improved accuracy over the UFM600 Tmodel with an extended temperature range and the ability to handlesmaller line sizes. The meter features an integrated display, whichallows signal quality to be shown in real-time during the calibrationof the signal transducer. The meter”s protective casing helps to reduceproduct maintenance by protecting the grease that allows the signaltransducer to cling to the tube wall. The casing is also designed to beopened without changing the position of the transducers to enable easyre-lubrication when necessary. Available in three sensor sizes, themeter can clamp on pipes from 1/2″ to 160 inches. Two additionalsensors are available for extreme temperature applications, rangingfrom -5 C to 200 C (23 F to 392 F). The sensors may be combined with aUFC 300 electronic signal converter.