Swagelok”s  thermal-immersion diaphragm valves feature high-speed actuation and are fully immersible at temperatures up to 220 C (428 F). With flow coefficients up to 0.60, the valves are a good fit for rapid thermal processing, precursor delivery applications, and deposition processes, including atomic layer deposition (ALD). A fully contained high-purity grade PFA seat offers compatibility with a range of chemistries, including advanced liquid and solid source materials such as zirconium and hafnium. The seat design also provides resistance to swelling and contamination during processing. With a fully swept flow path, the valves minimize entrapment areas, facilitate purging and maximize flow capacity. The fully swept flow path is a design element shared by the Swagelok thermal-immersion diaphragm valves, DRP series and ALD valves. The valve body is manufactured from 316L VIM-VAR stainless steel and available with a variety of 1/4″ and 3/8″ end connections, including VCR® and “H” Type VCR metal gasket face seal fittings, tube butt weld, and modular surface mount. The valves are offered in both pneumatically actuated and manual models. Pneumatically-actuated models are capable of a valve opening or closing time of less than 5 m. Manual models feature a lock-out handle.