Flowmeter specialist Hydreka now offers calibration as part of its after-sales service for customers in the U.S. and Canada. Service partner Access-Spec has installed a new hydraulic rig, designed and built by Hydreka, for calibrating all flowmeters including the HydINS2 insertion magmeter and Chronoflo transit time flowmeter.

The new, dedicated “closed loop” hydraulic rig eliminates the need for overseas service shipments to Hydreka’s head office in France, and can be used as a tool for training new customers to use flowmeters, the company says. The rig is an in-house design, with software written by Hydreka. It will undergo annual calibration by a third-party company, recognized by Weight and Measure Canada, to ensure accuracy and traceability.

Hydreka service partner Access-Spec is an independent company that provides instrumentation service and repair. The company is able to repair all Hydreka flowmeters, data loggers and leak detection equipment.

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Hydreka flowmeter calibration rig
Hydreka, a Halma Company, is a supplier of flowmeters and remote data loggers for clean and dirty water distribution systems across North America. Pictured here is the company’s new hydraulic rig for flowmeter calibration. (Photo courtesy of Hydreka)