Thompson Pump’shydraulically driven submersible pump ends and hydraulic power unitswith automatic start/stop are designed for sludge dewatering. Thesubmersible pump ends provide energy savings, eliminate suction liftlimitations, and enable pumping in deep excavations, manholes, openpits,quarries, or mines. The 32HPU with a46HST handles solids up to three inches, has a maximum capacity of1,580 gallons per minute, and pumps efficiently at heads up to 115feet.  Designed to run dry without damaging components, thesemodels are constructed from heavy-duty cast iron and steel fordurability, high reliability, and maximum versatility. Typical hydraulicpower units require manual start and stop, manual needle valveadjustment, and manual speed adjustment. Thompson’s automatic start/stopsystem energizes and de-energizes the hydraulic circuit whileautomatically adjusting the speed of the hydraulic power unit.Therefore, is minimizes laborcosts and allows for considerable fuel savings. Theautomatic throttle control allows the engine to warm up and cool down,thereby reducing engine wear.