Hedland Flow Meter”s HTTP portable transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to clamp on to the outside of the pipe so it does not contact the internal liquid. It also provides instantaneous rate and accumulated flows for efficient fluid measurement. The meter includes bidirectional flow capability to measure forward total, reverse total, and net total; pipe sizes that range from ½” and higher; and noninvasive meter clamps. It has no moving parts. Communication is achieved via a PC serial communications port and infrared serial adapter. The meter uses Hedland”s UltraLink Windows-based software for configuration, calibration, and troubleshooting. The meter is packaged in a compartmentalized and padded carrying case along with the transducer set, a 20-foot interconnection cable, one tube of acoustic couplant, mounting hardware, AC power converter, auto-style 12 VDC converter, infrared adapter, 4-20 mA interface cable, and an operations manual. A removable 200,000 event data logger module containing an integral DB-9 connection that plugs directly into a PC port for fast upload is an optional feature.