George Fischer’s three-way actuated ball valves with theElectrically Actuated Ball Valve Series Type 175/176/177/178 and thePneumatically Actuated Ball Valve Series Type 275/276/277/278 offer high stability and good flow characteristics. Actuators are designed with housings made of PP-GV 30 for high chemicalresistance, making the valves a good fit foraggressive fluids and the heavy-duty requirements of harsh industrialapplications. Typical applications includediverting and mixing liquids in piping systems for such industries asfood and chemical processing. Valves are available in a PVC, CPVC, PP, andSYGEF-PVDF in sizes from 20 mm to 63 mm with EPDM and FPMseals. Features include a 250,000 actuator cycle life,maintenance-free service, and compact, modular design for space savingsand flexibility.