HH (Honghua) Group Limited, exporter of drilling rigs in China, signed a three-year memorandum of understanding with GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power business to use GE’s Waukesha VHP gas engines to power drilling rigs used in new shale gas projects in China.

HH provides multiple solutions for bi-fuel motors, land drilling, shale gas exploration and offshore platform construction. GE's Waukesha VHP gas engines are designed for dependability, longevity and durability and can be applied in a wide range of operating conditions, VHP engines are gaseous-fueled systems, which have been working in natural gas production applications for over 40 years and are available in 6-, 12- and 16-cylinder configurations with both rich-burn and lean-combustion systems.

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During this week's OTC show in Houston, Texas, HH is showcasing the Waukesha VHP engines and other systems for natural gas. Highlights include:

  • Bi-fuel Motors – The Waukesha VHP Engines will be fueled by on-site field gas or with commercial grade gas to generate 2.8 to 3 megawatts of on-site power. By utilizing field gas, drilling rig operators are capable of reducing their fuel transportation costs and optimize the availability of the rigs. 
  • Offshore Drilling System – HH’s TIGER Series is designed to be an affordable and easy-to-use solution for offshore drilling. The rig has a maximum drilling depth of 30,000 feet, an operational water depth of 3,000 feet with capability of upgrading to 5,000 feet, and a maximum hook load of 750ST.
  • Land Drilling System – Several pieces of high-efficiency equipment are included in the system. The 1500HP Beyond Drilling Rig is a fully automated, unmanned operation centralized through the driller control room. The rig’s direct drive transmission structure incorporates top drive, draw works and the mud pump.
  • Offshore Platform Construction – HH’s mobile crane, Honghai, has a 22,000-ton lifting capacity. New technology allows HH’s offshore platform construction yard to produce 6 to 10 platforms simultaneously.
  • Shale Gas Exploration – HH offers a total extraction concept that integrates several methods into one solution. The concept involves building a three-dimensional network integrating electricity, gas, water, telecommunications and roads. It uses gas to drill gas and a gas-electricity combination for electricity generation to power well-site drilling equipment.