Honeywell ( received contracts to provide software and services to improve the performance, safety, and reliability of Shell Downstream”s refinery and chemicals sites around the world. This contract covers 15 refineries in Europe and Asia and 10 chemical plants worldwide. The work supports a global Shell program aimed at improving their asset management and ensuring safe production.

“This solution has already been deployed at 7 locations in the United States with demonstrated benefits to our refineries,” said Lynn Elsenhans, executive vice president Shell Global Manufacturing, in a prepared statement. “Honeywell can support all of our facilities, including those that currently use non-Honeywell systems, so it makes implementing this program worldwide much easier.”

Shell will use Honeywell’s Operations Management Pro (OM Pro) suite of software at its refineries and chemical plants. The software provides an operations environment that integrates multiple tools to improve refinery processes and optimize production to achieve economic targets. OM Pro offers operators visibility into plant operations, from console operations to reliability engineering to planning and scheduling functions. At the same time, it helps ensure that operations are within prescribed limits for safeguarding equipment and complying with safety, health, and environmental standards.