Quiz Corner: Boiler fuel cost

What is the approximate annual fuel cost to produce 100,000 lb/hr of steam all year?


What is the approximate annual boiler fuel cost to produce 100,000 lb/hr of steam all year?

A. US$1 million
B. US$3 million
C. US$5 million
D. US$7 million

Much more detailed information is needed to perform this calculation accurately, but a rough estimate can be obtained by making appropriate assumptions such as the boiler efficiency (80 percent) and the cost of natural gas (US$5.00/million British thermal units [mmBtu]) while recognizing that approximately 1000 Btu of energy is required to boil a pound of water to make saturated steam. Using these assumptions, the annual energy cost would be approximately US$5.475 million:

(8760 hr/yr) x (100,000 lb/hr) x (1000 Btu/lb) x (US$5.00/mmBtu) / (0.80)

The above expression yields US$4.475 million per year, which is close to Answer C.

Additional complicating factors

The assumptions are different for each plant location and will change over time.

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