Hoffer Flow Controls Inc. extended a contract with the U.S. Navy Sea Systems Command to supply fuel flow measurement solutions as a part of the U.S. Navy’s Energy Dashboard Program.

Several U.S. Navy DDG51 class ships have already been equipped with Hoffer’s fuel measurement system, and this new contract will further expand the number of ships stocked with the fuel measurement system.

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Aboard the U.S. Navy DDG51 class ships, these fuel measurement systems are being incorporated into the “Energy Dashboard Proof-of-Concept System,” which uses an integrated condition assessment system to tie into other shipboard computer software systems. This allows sailors to be aware of how certain engineering plants lineup, as well as the overall effects on fuel consumption rates.

The Energy Dashboard is anticipated to be fielded in all U.S. Navy surface ships by 2017.

The approved Hoffer flow products for use on the DDG51 class ships include two different flowmeter sizes and a model CAT3 signal conditioner. The flowmeters are designed to provide a linearity of +/-0.1 percent of reading. The flowmeters and signal conditioners have been tested to meet MIL requirements for shock and vibration.

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