October Flow ControlFlow Control magazine’s October 2012 digital issue is now available. The October issue comes to life in this online version, allowing you to print or email stories, search using keywords, or click on advertisements and be instantly directed to vendor websites.

In the October 2012 issue, you will read about:

Best of the Brew (Page 12)

11 applications of outstanding fluid handling technology

(Compiled from case studies submitted by winners)

Run the Numbers (Page 26)

The need for serious, quantitative engineering calculations
By Joe Untener, professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Dayton)

Q&A: Pipes Come Together (Page 30)

Making the process of pipe joining easier & more efficient
(With Derek Bower, associate product manager for Viega LLC)

Custody Transfer of Oil & Gas (Page 34)
Flow measurement accuracy with money on the line
By Jesse Yoder, Ph.D., president of Flow Research Inc.


Why Maintenance Makes Sense (Page 38)
Optimizing uptime via condition monitoring & predictive maintenance

(By Matt Migliore, executive director of content for Flow Control)

The Problems with High Pipe Velocity (Page 40)

Best practices & recommendations for the suction side of the pump
(By Larry Bachus, aka “The Pump Guy” and founder of Bachus Company)

In addition to these featured articles, the October issue is rounded out with regular columns by industrial flow measurement expert David W. Spitzer (i.e. Application Corner and Quiz Corner). You’ll also find the editor’s viewpoint, news & notes, new products, and our monthly Think Tank word search. Enjoy reading the digital edition!

Access the October digital issue of Flow Control here.