Uson”s Qualitek mR leak tester is a single-channel devicedesigned for high-volume industrial leak and flow testing applications. The unit supports theinspection of gas control valves, plastic reservoirs, faucets,automotive lamps and components, packaging, and many other applications. Two transducerinputs allow the Qualitek mR to accept pressure decay, differentialpressure, mass flow and load cell transducers. A touch-screen color graphicsdisplay and PC-style menus, in combination with arotary scroll and click navigation device, make setup and testing easyfor even inexperienced users. Built-in pressure plots and statistics, data storage,compensation, and calibration and a pop-up soft keyboard to facilitateprogram editing. Two USB ports, serial communications port, Ethernet, andexpandable digital I/O. A NEMA 12-ratedenclosure protects the Qualitek mR, which sits on a standard,adjustable stand that can be removed for machine mounting andintegration if required.