ProMation Engineering’s P9-13 Series quarter-turn electric, non-spring return actuators feature a rugged, industrial-grade design for use with all ball and butterfly valves or dampers requiring higher torque outputs from 17,500 in. lbs. to 40,500 in. lbs. The series features a self-locking hardened steel drive train for smooth operation, mechanical end-of-travel stops, and patented clutch-free manual override for single-handed positioning. The actuators include an integrated position indicator, two auxiliary switches, an internal low-power anti-condensation heater, and cast aluminum polymer-coated housing with two ¾-inch conduit connections that is rated NEMA 4X for safe exposure to high-pressure hosing and corrosion resistance. Proportional control units accept a range of control signals while generating multiple feedback signals and are easily installed, calibrated, and adjusted in the field. The actuators are available for 120 VAC or 230 VAC single-phase and complete three-phase offerings. They are ISO 5211 and ARRA compliant, conform to AWWA C540 standards, and are certified to CSA 22.2 standards, including ANSI/UL50 and ANSI/UL 429.