Max Machinery’s Model 213 with EX295 Pulse Transmitter is used for mercaptan dosing in odorization programs when using natural gas. An effective program constantly monitors the gas flow, computes and injects the proper dosage of odorant, and records this activity. The MAX-213 meter is used when the minimum dosage rate (averaged out on an instantaneous basis) falls below 40 cc/min, while Max’s 214 meter is used when the minimum rate is over 40 cc/min or the maximum rate is over 1,500 cc/min. Typical applications are either in the 1-10 cc/min or in the 50-200 cc/min ranges. A solid-state transmitter is required because of low-flow and sudden on-off conditions usually associated with mercaptan injections (since plunger-type pumps typically are used, intermittent and/or pulsating flowrates are common). –