KROHNE”sOPTISONIC 6300 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for easyinstallation and high reliability in heavy industrial and hazardousenvironments. ATEX approved with an integrated display that allowssignal quality to be shown in real-time during the calibration of thesignal transducer. The flowmeter’s clamp-on mechanism was explicityformulated to offer the strength necessary to aid installation inindustrial applications. The OPTISONIC 6300 is also fitted with aprotective casing that ensures smooth and efficient operation. Thecasing also helps to reduce product maintenance by protecting thegrease that allows the signal transducer to cling to the tube wall.With the grease ensuring the signal transducer’s staying power,OPTISONIC 6300’s performance remains effective even longer, increasingthe time between maintenance periods, plus providing the added benefitof easy re-lubrication. Available in three sensor sizes, the metercovers the entire pipe diameter range from _” to 160″. In addition, twoother sensors are available for extreme temperature applications,ranging from -5 to +200 degrees C (23 to 392 degrees F).