Watson-Marlow Metering PumpWatson-Marlow’s 520RE high-pressure chemical metering pump offers flows to 55 GPH and pressures up to 100 PSI. The combination of the tube element and pumphead design allows the chemical injection pump to be used in applications requiring accurate metering, dosing and transferring of harsh chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulfate, fluoride, carbon and lime slurries, polymers, aqueous ammonia, potassium permanganate and caustic slurries in the wastewater market. Equipped with LoadSure elements, correct loading is guaranteed every time, as well as easy one-minute maintenance with no snaking, twisting or pinching. A sealed polycarbonate guard withholds any spillages at atmospheric pressure. Drain port plugs allow for easy removal of spilled fluid and an optional float switch leak detector will stop the metering pump automatically in such conditions.  – www.wmpg.com