Danfoss”s high-power platform for VLT 5000 Series, VLT 4000 Series, VLT 6000 HVAC Series and VLT 8000 AQUA Series variable frequency drives replaces the three largest high-power units in the 380-500 VAC range in each series and adds an additional higher horsepower unit to the program. Specifically engineered to satisfy the full constant or variable-torque demands of virtually any industrial process, water, or HVAC application, the new high-power VLT drives offer up to 550 HP from the VLT 5000 and up to 650 HP from the VLT 4000, VLT 6000 HVAC, and VLT 8000 AQUA. These drives provide reliable and accurate operation at an 98 percent operating efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction in heat dissipation. The innovative cooling design of the units segregates the heat of the high-power components from the electronics. In addition, the unit’s design allows for various cooling techniques that can be implemented to keep >80 percent of the heat dissipation from the control room or panel, typically eliminating the need for additional cooling and reducing the energy consumption of the installation site.
These drives are available with three distinct enclosures: Chassis/IP00, NEMA/UL type1/IP21 and NEMA/UL type 12/IP54. Since the units were designed with these enclosures ratings from their inception, the result is an optimized package concept, which provides the smallest overall dimensions for air-cooled VFD units in this power range compared to the world’s top-five competitive units available today. Additional features and options include: Built-in Class A2 RFI filtering as standard with class A1 optional; integral disconnect with option of available fuses; power termination design for easy installation, support for single box lug or dual cable legs; logic routing with tie-down provisions to simplify installation and protect against noise disturbance; and 24V DC supply.