GE Sensing”sHygroTrace moisture meter uses a newly patented technique to provideaccurate and reliable measurement for zero to 100 PPB moisture levelswith sensitivity and speedy response. Typical semiconductorapplications include measurement ofmoisture in UHP gas delivery and distribution systems and point-of-usemoisture measurement protection. Current technologies for low PPBmoisture measurement includetunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), vibrating quartzcrystal, and phosphorous pentoxide. However, these technologiestypically require a rack-mount instrument package that is relativelylarge in size and includes complicated parts and temperature control.The HygroTrace meter uses aluminumoxide technology with a patented technique that vastly improvessensor speed of response to provide PPB moisture measurement inminutes. In addition, the meter has the form factor of a transmitterpackage with the only wetted parts being essentially a flow-through _”VCR tee fitting. The HygroTrace package is 80-90 percent smaller thancompetitive analyzers and costs 50-70 percent less.The meter features a large, integrated backlit display, which can beread from several feet away. An integral six-buttonkeypad allows users to program the unit for output range and to checkon performance. The unit is loop-powered using a 20-28 VDC source andprovides a four to 20 mA output proportional to a user-programmed range.