Assured Automation”s TM Series flowmeter is a high-output digital device that offers durable, compact, high-precision fluid measurement. These water flowmeters have a large half-inch digital display with a battery life of 5,000 hours and are easy to field calibrate. The digital display shows rate plus two flow totals; one total is resettable and the other locked and cumulative. The battery-powered electronic displays are calibrated to read in gallons or liters per minute. The meters come in line sizes of one-half inch to four inches with NPT, spigot and 150 lb. ANSI flange fittings. Assured Automation”s TM Series flowmeter is designed for industrial applications, including any that would include high-volume water mixing such as commercial mixing tanks, geothermal heating and cooling towers, agricultural sprayers, cement mixers, and aerial crop sprayers.