Spraying Systems Co”s TankJet 4 tank washers are capable of high-impact cleaning of tanks up to 98’ (30 m). The units provide consistent impact over the entire pressure range. Equipped with special nozzles that minimize turbulence and improve stream integrity for increased impact and greater cleaning effectiveness. The nozzles rotate 360° in horizontal and vertical planes creating a crisscrossing pattern that thoroughly cleans tanks of difficult-to-remove residues. The units can fit in tank openings of 6.7″ (16 cm). Pin and clutch versions are available to accommodate both permanent installations and portable operation. A variety of nozzle, rotor and stator sizes are also available so the units can be easily customized based on application requirements. All TankJet 4 Tank Washers are built-to-order and factory tested prior to shipping. A good fit for cleaning food processing tanks, brewery/winery vats, chemical reactors, tanker trucks, pulp storage tanks, and blenders.