Larox Flowsys”new three-inch LPP produces the highest flow per compression of anyhose pump, according to the company. In almost all cases, a one sizesmaller Larox LPP pump can be used compared to a shoe design ordouble-compression design peristaltic pump. The Larox LPP family of pumps has a unique360-degree elliptical rolling design, which creates virtually no heat,low hose stress, low energy consumption, and long hose life. Pump sizesare _”, _”,  1″, 1.5″, 2.5″, and  3″. The Larox family ofpumps have a flow range of .4 GPM to 176 GPM. In almost all cases,Larox says its pumps can run at more than two times the RPM and stillproduce more than four times longer hose life than conventional shoedesign or double-compression per revolution pumps. The yearly savings(Larox compared to shoe or double compression design hose pumps) inspare hoses, energy consumption, glycerin consumption, and maintenancecosts are often as much as the cost of two pumps, according to Larox.