Emerson’s Micro Motion ELITE Capacity Coriolis meter in Super Duplex material is designed to handle corrosive applications and harsh environments. The Super Duplex meter is available for line sizes from eight inches to 10 inches (DN 200-250mm) and improved pressure rating to 2320 PSI (160 bar). Super Duplex stainless steel offers the same reliability, accuracy and turndown performance as meters made with 316 stainless steel material, with increased corrosion resistance and pressure rating. Super Duplex is resistant to high chloride levels found in the oil field, such as formation water, and is suited for measuring production fluids and medium pipeline pressure applications. This meter offers +/-0.10 percent mass and volume flow accuracy for liquids and mass accuracy of +/-0.35 percent for gas. It also offers density accuracies of +/-0.0005 g/cc and can handle a maximum liquid flow capacity of 94,000 lb/min (2,550 tons/hr). This meter is designed with no moving parts to counteract wear or measurement drift associated with the rotating components of positive-displacement (PD) or turbine meters. In addition, Micro Motion Smart Meter Verification verifies the complete meter performance (sensor, drive, and signal processing) while the operation is flowing and without removing the meter from the line.