Bowman Industry and Manufacturing”sVenturi flowmeter provides high accuracy with ultra-low pressure drop (up to+/- 1 percent of rate at 25 percent of full scale with less than .4percent of one-inch W.C. dropped through the entire device). Using aunique sub-Venturi flow system, the AA battery-powered device operatesup to 50 hours continuously. Flowrates to 900 SLPM (mass)/LPM(volumetric) are indicated by a 4×20 character LCD display. Higher orlower flowrates are available. A zero to 10 volts DC output isaccessible via 2.5 mm jack.The device is a good fit for gas/air sampling, air balancing, exhaustcontrol, gas custody transfer, gas utilities meter calibration, HVR andanalytical flowmetering applications. Advanced material coatings foraggressive gases are optional.