The Hydraulic Institute (HI,, under the approval of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is seeking qualified individuals in North America to participate in the review process for the draft of updated standard “ANSI/HI 1.1-1.2, Rotodynamic (Centrifugal) Pumps for Nomenclature and Definitions.” The focus of the standard is Rotodynamic (Centrifugal) Pumps including the following:
A) Overhung impeller, close-coupled pumps
B) Overhung impeller, separately-coupled pumps
C) Between bearing, separately-coupled, single stage pumps
D) Between bearing, separately0coupled, multistage pumps
E) Regenerative turbine pumps
F) Special effects pumps

Vertical single and multistage diffuser-type pumps are excluded from the scope of the standard.

Individuals and organizations in North America directly and materially affected by this standard are asked to contact HI. These parties include pump users and specifiers, producers, standards developers, government agencies, and general interest groups. HI is currently assembling a canvass list of all parties interested in reviewing the draft. This list will be submitted to ANSI in order to meet its open canvass requirements.

To participate in the ANSI/HI canvass, contact Karen Anderson, administrator of technical affairs, at or call (973) 267-9700, ext. 23.

HI periodically introduces new standards based on industry needs. The current Edition of ANSI/HI Standards comprises over 1500 pages and 27 documents.