The Hydraulic Institute (HI, launched a Web site to complement its Pump Systems Matter program, which focuses on energy savings, efficiency, and the economics of pumps and pumping systems. According to HI, industrial pumping systems account for nearly 25 percent of industrial electrical energy demand, and Pump Systems Matter aims to help lower the energy needs of North America, while improving the bottom-line profitability of businesses by providing pump users with strategic, broad-based energy management and performance optimization solutions.

The Pump Systems Matter Web site ( is being positioned as an educational resource for pump users. If features: information to help users get started on optimizing their pump systems; free modeling tools, case studies, white papers, tip sheets, guidebooks, and executive summaries; standards, books, and courses on effective pump systems design; and energy savings programs.

In addition, HI is seeking additional sponsors for the Pump Systems Matter program. It is interested in the collaboration and expertise of pump manufacturers, designers, contractors, and pump systems users, as well as utilities, energy efficiency organizations, government agencies, and other associations.

For more information on the Pump Systems Matter program or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, visit the Pump Systems Matter Web site at