Cla-Val”s 98 Series advanced pressure management valve (PMV) is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of utilities and communitiesstruggling to deal with water shortages. The product automaticallyadjusts pipeline pressure based on system demand to conserve water,reduce the incidence of pipe breaks, and minimize background leakage,without any external devices, such as orifice plates, meters, or SCADAcommunication. The valve does this by lowering normal operatingpressure during off-peak periods rather than maintaining the maximumconstant downstream pressure, which can leave the system pipeline over-pressurizedand vulnerable to pipe breaks and higher background leakage. In theevent there is a sudden increase in demand, such as for fire flow, thevalve automatically adjusts pressure to the system’s maximum set pointand then lowers it when demand decreases. Additional benefits includepreventing service interruptions caused by pipe breaks to help optimizesystem efficiency; and reducing pumping requirements to save energy andlower operational costs. Further cost savings can be realized byretrofitting existing, installed Cla-Val pressure reducing controlvalves with Advanced Pressure Management Pilot System retrofit kits.