GF Piping Systems”CALORPLAST thermoplastic, all-welded heat exchangers are designed forheating or cooling in highly corrosive applications. The product lineincludes immersion, shell-and-tube, tube-plate, gas-liquid, andflexible heat exchangers. The materials of construction include: PVDF(polyvinylidene), Polyethylene, and Polypropylene. The exchangers aresuited for heating of pickling acid solutions, electroplating,anodizing, removing heat from chemical dilution reactions, and for acidrecovery systems. The heating/cooling media can include saturated steamor hot water up to 35 PSIG at 281 F and chilled water or water/glycolsolutions. The heat exchangers patented injection overmolded tube toheader connection to ensure durable joint.  The heat exchangersare custom designed to meet specific needs of each application.Performance characteristics include chemical inertness, no straycurrents, all-welded construction, low fouling, low pressure drops, andlarge heat transfer area in a confined space with a self-supportingstructure.